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God is not afraid of our questions or our thoughts. It is us who are sometimes uncomfortable with questions—even though it is proven that our best learning is done through discovery. In healthy families no question, no topic is off limits. We at Papsda believe in being an inclusive, loving real and healthy community (family). So over the little while we will be exploring, discussing and wrestling with whatever questions you may have about life, faith, and God. Nothing is off limits…

To make sure we get the collective voice and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved in this we invite you to think about what 2 or 3 questions you or your friends might wish to ask. When you have settled on the top 2-3 questions you can choose to share them with us anonymously (or include your name if you wish) by submitting your question in the form below, or by filling in an Ask Anything card provided at our worship service on Saturdays. If you don’t mind people knowing what your question is then share it via social media under the hashtag, #askpapsda (remember, if your social media accounts are private, we won’t see your hashtag). You could also post your questions to our Facebook Page.

Please fire your questions in ASAP so that there is enough time to facilitate meaningful discussion either in our preaching time, Saturday morning groups or Life Groups at Papsda. If your question doesn’t get addressed from the front in a direct way, we would love to still be able to engage in discussion with you via meeting, email or phone call—so be sure to let us know if you would welcome that opportunity. Our Ask Anything teaching series commences 29 July.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” – Jesus, in Matthew 7:7

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Your questions so far:

  1. Other Christian denominations believe there is a hell, which is completely against God’s character. What’s a kind, polite and straightforward way of explaining to them that hell does not exist? My child has encountered this at their school. (Submitted 12/07/17)
  2. Can we really believe in a literal second coming of Jesus and a literal resurrection of the dead? (Submitted 13/07/17)
  3. I want to know more about the book of Revelation.
  4. In the Bible it is written that when Jesus will come there will be a new earth, so will we live in heaven or on earth?
  5. Are there any female angels or only male? (child’s question)
  6. When we go to heaven will we grow older or stay at our age? (child’s question)
  7. Will we sleep in heaven or will we never get tired? (child’s question)
  8. Can we have a kids church?  (child’s question)
  9. I have a huge problem with SDA Fundamental #27 which talks about the millennium. “While the saved reconnect with God, Satan and his followers are trapped on Earth by themselves. After a thousand years God will resurrect the lost for the final judgment before destroying sin and sinners.” If we don’t believe in hell, how do we reconcile this belief? Sinners with Satan trapped on earth for a thousand years? And why would God raise the lost dead just to kill them? None of this makes any sense. (submitted online 19 Jul)
  10. How do we communicate love, acceptance, and grace to friends and family that are homosexual? There seems to be an assumption that if you are gay then you are cut out of the kingdom, which seems rather odd. It is a sin, right? So aren’t we all sinners? (Submitted 19 July)

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