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God is not afraid of our questions or our thoughts. It is us who are sometimes uncomfortable with questions—even though it is proven that our best learning is done through discovery. In healthy families no question, no topic is off limits. We at Papsda believe in being an inclusive, loving real and healthy community (family). So over the next little while, we will be exploring, discussing and wrestling with whatever questions you may have about life, faith, and God. Nothing is off limits…

We have almost finished our Ask Anything series and are no longer taking questions, but we are so thankful for the great response we’ve had from the people of Papsda who have not been afraid to ask the hard questions. If you’d like to view the sermon series, click here.


Your questions so far:

  1. Other Christian denominations believe there is a hell, which is completely against God’s character. What’s a kind, polite and straightforward way of explaining to them that hell does not exist? My child has encountered this at their school. (Submitted 12/07/17)
  2. Can we really believe in a literal second coming of Jesus and a literal resurrection of the dead? (Submitted 13/07/17)
  3. I want to know more about the book of Revelation.
  4. In the Bible it is written that when Jesus will come there will be a new earth, so will we live in heaven or on earth?
  5. Are there any female angels or only male? (child’s question)
  6. When we go to heaven will we grow older or stay at our age? (child’s question)
  7. Will we sleep in heaven or will we never get tired? (child’s question)
  8. Can we have a kids church?  (child’s question)
  9. I have a huge problem with SDA Fundamental #27 which talks about the millennium. “While the saved reconnect with God, Satan and his followers are trapped on Earth by themselves. After a thousand years God will resurrect the lost for the final judgment before destroying sin and sinners.” If we don’t believe in hell, how do we reconcile this belief? Sinners with Satan trapped on earth for a thousand years? And why would God raise the lost dead just to kill them? None of this makes any sense. (submitted online 19 Jul)
  10. How do we communicate love, acceptance, and grace to friends and family that are homosexual? There seems to be an assumption that if you are gay then you are cut out of the kingdom, which seems rather odd. It is a sin, right? So aren’t we all sinners? (Submitted 19 July)
  11. I am Christian female and have fallen in love with a non-Christian female (previously I have fallen in love with males) and this is unusual for me. Can God bless this relationship? (Submitted 23 July)
  12. What happens to Hindus, Buddhists, tribalists and those who were born outside of a Christian country or context, when they die? Is the afterlife, as Adventist Christians understand it, only for those who believe in the ‘Christian/Jewish/Muslim’ God even if they are born outside that context. (Submitted 23 July)
  13. In this time and place where there are so many ways to access good teaching and meet together in smaller groups, is it really important that I come to church?
  14. Hi is it wrong for a Christian to be suicidal? (Submitted 26 July)
  15. What do I do if I am attracted to the same gender? I never chose this; at least not consciously. So how do I stop it? Am I supposed to? Is that what God wants? Can he make me straight? Does he even want to? Did he make me this way? Why would he if I’m not supposed to be? What if I can never be attracted to the opposite gender? Do I have to be alone forever? I don’t want that. (Submitted 28/07/17)
  16. I am 25. In my life, church population has been decreasing everywhere. New people come, existing go. My question: How can we keep who we have? If we do that… more come naturally, and we grow. (Submitted 29/7/17)
  17. So who really is in control on this earth before Jesus returns? Is it God or is it Satan? So many awful things are happening can God really be in control? Yet, I often heard it said, “God is in control.” Seems to me that Satan has control now and Jesus will have control again when he returns. What does the Bible really say about this? (Submitted 31/7/17)
  18. Hi, hopefully this doesn’t come too late but I have a question. In His prayer in John 17, Jesus makes a distinction between ‘the world’ and ‘them which thou hast given me; for they are thine’.
    Maybe it’s the version of the Bible I’m reading but it sounded to me like some are chosen and some are not, making it feel like some are already blessed and have no other ‘choice’ than to know Christ and some are already doomed…In His next words, Jesus mentions Judas “and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled”
    Because God is all knowing then you would assume that He already knows every decision that we are going to make, so, are we sometimes talking to people that are never going to choose Christ? So is there actually truly Hope for everyone…? Can my non-Christian boyfriend ever be saved? Is he destined to be saved or destined to be a son of perdition? (Submitted 2 August 2017)
  19. Why are Adventists so pushy for people to be baptized into the Church or to profess their faith and say that they are an Adventist? Surely our faith does not depend on what Church we are from or where we have been baptized? Surely baptism is more about YOUR own relationship with God? Not the Churches??!
    Also.. what’s the big deal with the Profession of Faith? Can we not just testify that we believe in the Adventist’s values and share our testimony of how the Holy Spirit has led us here? Rather than just saying we belong to this denomination of church? (Submitted 9 August 2017)
  20. What has happened to the call to repentance in the church? The heart felt call to repent is no longer preached. Pastors are afraid of offending people in a growing age of tolerance, perhaps driven through fear of dwindling tithe and offering. Pastors seem to preach prosperity gospel or anything that tickles the ears of the congregation. Is papsda one of such churches? (Submitted 13 Aug 2017)

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