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New to Papsda?
If you’re new here and would like to make Papsda your church home, visit Guest Central in the foyer to fill in an “Update Your Details” form. All regular Papsda attenders are also able to receive RightNow Media which has thousands of spiritual video resources online. E-mail to get your free subscription sorted.

Download Our App
Go to either Google Play or the App Store and search for “Papsda”. Download the free app, set up what notifications you’d like to receive (in settings) and away you go.

Each week we video the worship service for live streaming on the internet. We also take photos from time to time for Facebook, the website and other forms of media. If for any reason, you would not like either yourself or your child(ren) to be videoed or photographed, please speak to someone at Guest Central, Brigitte Bagg, Tracey Ryan or any other staff member. Choosing to sit behind the cameras will also minimize your chance of being filmed.