Papsda Marae


Anyone and everyone can come to Papsda for a hearty meal. We would particularly like to target families from our community — any family, regardless of socioeconomic status. The idea is that we will have people from all walks of life sharing a meal together. We invite you to bring your family to Papsda each Thursday night between 6-8pm. Please invite other families to join also. We have a ‘pay what you can’ approach to this meal. Here are the details:

When: Every Thursday evening (except late December and January).
Time: Meals are served at 6 pm. The kitchen closes at 8 pm.
Where: Papsda dining room and hall.
Who: Anyone who eats when they are hungry! Community dining is a family-friendly environment.


1. Kitchen helpers to prepare and serve meals.
2. Financial contributions for food: Reference ‘Marae‘.
If you can help in any of these ways, that would be so good. Please text Trena 021 135 9435 or email or call us at Papsda (09) 278 7786 during office hours.



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