360 Ripple Youth Leadership Summit

360 RIPPLE  2020

360 RIPPLE, Youth Leadership Conference is back.

Join us on SUNDAY, 26 JULY from 8am-2pm. Bring your voices to this timely conversation, facilitated by Hiria Cameron. Only $25 includes breakfast and lunch. For ages 17+

Meet Our Facilitator

A Pacific wahine, with ancestral connections to Aotearoa New Zealand and Tonga, Hiria has been working to transform lives through education for almost 20 years. An international educator and coach, she works to amplify youth voices, co-create community solutions and lead for social change. With successes in higher education, organisational development and industry-based learning programmes, Hiria draws inspiration from the optimism, raw passion and energy of young people while supporting them to activate their potential to advance their anti-discrimination leadership.


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