360 Venus Girls Retreat

Calling all girls aged 13 and over!

Unbreakable // Venus18

Do you know how truly powerful you are? 

The strength of a woman is often underestimated, underappreciated and under-accessed by society but also often by the woman herself. Often we think strength looks a certain way, but the truth is, strength has many different, beautiful faces—a face like yours! 

Join us at UNBREAKABLE // Venus18 as we discover together where true strength comes from, how to be strong when we really need to be and how we are strongest when we are together plus so much more! And of course, we are gonna do A LOT of fun stuff too! 

So book yourself in, invite your friends and get ready for an unforgettable day with the gals at UNBREAKABLE // Venus18

Some of our Guest Presenters:

We are beyond excited to have the stunning @jessicatyson08 – reigning Miss World NZ come and speak to us at Unbreakable // Venus18. Jess isn’t just a pretty face though, she is a regular presenter on @maoritelevision and has also just launched a project called @brave_nz which raises awareness around sexual abuse in NZ. Jess bravely uses her own experience to encourage young people around the country to speak up and be brave. We are so honoured to have this beautiful wahine toa come and speak to us!

We are so honoured to have the BO$$ MAMA herself @ashleyallen03 come and share her story with us at UNBREAKABLE! From being deeply affected by a traumatic experience in her childhood to building her business @ashleyallen_eyelashextensions from the ground up and being an incredible wife and mother – this is one talk you don’t want to miss!

Saturday, 22 September 2018
Manu Tukutuku Centre, 32 Riverton Drive, Randwick Park
Cost: $20

Register by emailing Leah Wolfgramm or sign up at Guest Central this Saturday.

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