Bible Study Guides

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about the future? Or what heaven might be like? Or what happens to people when they die? And what about living in the here and now. Does the Bible have any guidelines on how to manage your time, money and health? These, and many more questions, are answered in these fifteen study guides covering some of the great topics of the Bible.

These lessons are designed to be studied in the following formats:

  • As personal Bible study
  • In one-on-one Bible studies
  • In a Life Group

Bible references are written like this: “John 14:1-3” which means the passage you are looking for is the fourteenth chapter of a book called “John”, verses one through to three. If you need help finding Bible books, consult the table of contents in the front of your Bible, or use an online Bible such as Bible Gateway. If you don’t have a Bible, we have one for you at Papsda, to keep as your own.



icon-pdf Lesson 1: Being Born – A New Relationship With Jesus

icon-pdf Lesson 2: You’ve Been Born Again – Temptation

icon-pdf Lesson 3: You’ve Got to Eat to Grow – Bible Study

icon-pdf Lesson 4: You’ll Learn to Talk – Prayer

icon-pdf Lesson 5: You’re Growing. How can you Tell? – Obedience/Discipleship

icon-pdf Lesson 6: Get Your Exercise – Christian Fruits

icon-pdf Lesson 7: As You Grow, You’ll Need Friends – Church

icon-pdf Lesson 8Summary



icon-pdf Lesson 1: He’s Coming Back

icon-pdf Lesson 2: When He Comes

icon-pdf Lesson 3: Your First Thousand Years With Jesus

icon-pdf Lesson 4: God’s New Earth for You

icon-pdf Lesson 5: Where Are You After You Die?

icon-pdf Lesson 6: Destruction of the Wicked

icon-pdf Lesson 7: Only One Way to Heaven

icon-pdf Lesson 8: Baptism. Is it Necessary?

icon-pdf Lesson 9: The Lord will be Your Lawyer

icon-pdf Lesson 10: Directions for Living

icon-pdf Lesson 11: Lord of Your Time

icon-pdf Lesson 12: Why do the Majority Worship on Sunday?

icon-pdf Lesson 13: Lord of Your Things

icon-pdf Lesson 14: Lord of Your Body

icon-pdf Lesson 15: He’ll Guide You to His Church