Can You Help Spread The Word?

Kia ora koutou,

We need your help recruiting people for the vaccine rollout across Auckland. You will have seen communications recently about the vaccination sites that we’re standing up in Auckland, to help deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to our communities – our border workers and their whānau, in the first instance. At the same time we are also setting up our own vaccination clinic on site. What a logistical challenge! But I’m so proud of the Auckland DHB team, and everyone in the region who has contributed to getting these sites established in such a short time frame. Ka nui taku poho kereru ki a koe! (I’m so proud of you!)

Our next task is to recruit all the people we’ll need to operate the community sites over the next few months, in roles including administrators, vaccinators, flow co-ordinators, and observers for post vaccination care. All in all, we are looking to fill hundreds of jobs! And we need to do this on top of running a busy DHB. And that’s where we need your help. Not to staff the sites, but to spread the word.

We have a great recruitment team at Auckland DHB, but this volume of recruitment needs an army of 11,500 behind it. We’ve created a campaign called ‘Hand Up, Stand Up, Help Out’, which we’re hoping will attract applicants for these roles from all over Auckland. We want the sites to reflect the communities they’re in, so we’re trying to reach large numbers of people in our Māori and Pacific communities.

Getting these vaccination sites up and running is the most important thing we can do to protect our community from COVID-19, and I’m hoping you will want to play a part in that. Specifically, I’m asking you to spread the word. We’re hoping you have people in your networks who would love to apply for these paid roles. You can find some pictures and information that you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or email them to your friends and family… wherever you think people will see them. You can even print them out and hand them around.

Our aim is to attract as many people as possible to the recruitment website we’ve set up. On that page, you’ll see details of the roles we’re recruiting for, and a lot of other information that will help people decide if this is for them. And I really hope they do.

It’s a simple thing, just sharing some content on social media, but it could make all the difference. I feel like, with you behind this, we can only be successful. So my heartfelt thanks in anticipation!