Crime 2 Christ


Crime 2 Christ is an collaborative initiative of the New Zealand Police Force and other Christian entities, including Papsda. A magazine has been created which go into every Police Holding Cell and contains three stories of hope and freedom written by New Zealanders with a criminal history who have experienced transformation through their discovery of Jesus Christ.

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News Article (October 2016):
Papsda’s close involvement in Crime 2 Christ continues and a new magazine with three new stories of hope and freedom has recently been published for distribution into Police Holding Cells. Papsda collaborates with the NZ Police and other Christian communities including Victory Outreach in Auckland. Recently, Faela Tamati, a Crime 2 Christ volunteer received a phone call from Crime 2 Christ hotline by an individual named Andy. He’d been in the holding cells at the Manukau Police Station and had come across the magazine. The week after his release, Faela met with Andy and his family at their home and had a wonderful time of sharing. “From that initial contact, they have committed to attending our church gathering and have done so since then. They’ve now been with our church for many weeks now and have engaged really well with others. They are not only faithfully coming to church but are involved in our weekly services such as our home Bible studies,” says Faela Tamaki from Victory Outreach Church. Papsda, continue to pray for this community outreach project as there are more and more stories like this happening regularly. If you would like to get involved or contribute in some way, please talk to Karyn Newson or Sel Seluone.