COVID-19 INTERVIEWS – With Warwick Bagg and JP Theron

Professor Warwick Bagg and JP Theron, talk on living well and wisely during the current health and financial crisis. 

2 May: “Why we still need to follow the rules, and finding a vaccine”
– with Warwick
25 April: “How should I deal with Level 3?” – with Professor Warwick Bagg
18 April: “How Can I Be Financially Wise During COVID-19”
– with JP Theron
11 April: “The Economic Impact On Us All”
 – with JP Theron
4 April: “Looking after your state of mind during Covid-19.”
 – with Professor Warwick Bagg
28 March: “Why lockdown? What’s helpful and what’s a scam?” 
– with Professor Warwick Bagg
21 March: “What we all need to know about Covid-19”
– with Professor Warwick Bagg