Exchange: Encounters With Jesus

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 1—Zacchaeus, The Giant In Jesus
It’s the best short story in the gospels. Zacchaeus couldn’t measure up, but when he encountered Jesus, he stood tall in grace. Whatever our size, this short story is the story of us all.

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 2—The Greatest Miracle
On the day of Jesus’ greatest miracle it seems that no leprosy was cured, no lame limbs were restored no eyes were made to see. In fact, no physical healing took place at all. But in the greatest miracle we find a transformation, an exchange so profound that we are left in awe even today. Come along this week as we explore the greatest miracle in the gospel of John, an exchange that we may experience ourselves.

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 3—At Their Mercy
Jesus sends Christians on a mission to be guests of strangers. In other words to be at the mercy of their hosts. It is an exercise in trusting in the Holy Spirit’s agenda, especially when Jesus describes it as being, “lambs among wolves”!

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 4—Nicodemus
You have heard the saying, “perception is reality.” Experience will tell you there is truth in the saying. Yet, how often has your perception been wrong? Wrong about people, places, conversations or life situations? Then, what about spiritual matters, things we believe, about God, truth and life? We encounter Jesus through the story of Nicodemus and how his perception of God changed forever!

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 5—I Believe

eXchange: Encounters With Jesus—Part 6—See What He is Doing
There is no limit to God’s power to heal and restore when believers get together to eat, claim what they believe and celebrate new life in Him. Join us this week as we dive in to God’s word and celebrate baptism!