You Choose

YOU CHOOSE – Heaven or Hell? | Some of the stories Jesus told were shocking to the listeners. One of these stories seemed to imply an eternally burning hell that many are consigned to forever.  Is that really what the story teaches?  Let’s explore Luke 16 and the big meaning behind the metaphor.

YOU CHOOSE – Celebrate or Criticise? | Invitations. Some we anticipate and can’t wait for their arrival. Others we dread and wish they got lost in the mail. However, there is one invitation that every human being receives. Some people are yet to experience it’s arrival, some have thrown it out in the trash, some cling to it daily with all their might in anticipation of the day… For some the party has already begun! We discover what the party looks like. Here’s a hint: There’s always food at the party!

YOU CHOOSE – Shame or Glory? | Who would choose shame over glory? I know I would not. Give me the opportunity to change my shameful moments, redo them, rewrite the script and I would, in a heartbeat. So many times we look back and wonder at the choices we made that led us down the road of shame.  Gods desires that we experience and share in His glory, but only if we choose. What is stopping me or you? Our dreams, our plans, our ideas? Is it worth it? You Choose.