Uber Gospel

Uber is a German word that means “above”.  Above convention above normal above expectation. In short, experiencing uber is a paradigm-shifting moment. Just like parables. In this series, we catch rides to the kingdom in parables!

27 May 2017: Part 1: Open (Norman Hurlow)
Have you ever had that experience where someone or some understanding comes along and totally disrupts your world, what you know, what you believed was real, what you had always understood to be true? How did you respond? What was your first reaction? Jesus was this experience for first century Jews living in Judea and Galilee. What He did, thought and revealed about the Kingdom of God totally up-ended their thinking at the time. How did they respond? What was their reaction? Join us as we begin our journey beyond convention to the picture of God and the Kingdom through Jesus’ parables.

3 June 2017: Part 2: A Tale of Two Stories (Stephen Davies)
The parables of Jesus are among the best known and most influential stories in the world. Jesus is the master creator of the story, and nothing is so attractive or so compelling as a good story. This week we focus on stories and what they tell us about God and about life.

10 June 2017: Part 3: Casting, Dragging, Sorting & Gnashing—It’s All About Love (Karl Saifoloi)
Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better”? When love looks harsh—hold on to Jesus—It’s going to get better!

17 June 2017: Part 4: Lost & Loved (Norman Hurlow)
When something or someone you desperately love is missing, what do you do? How is life different while you search? Would you ever give up? Join us as we journey through Jesus’ parables of the lost.

24 June 2017: Part 5: Alive (Norman Hurlow)
The story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son has captivated audiences and scholars from its first audience to even us today because it is your story, it is my story. Yet more than our story this parable reveals God’s heart and Kingdom in ways that continually challenge our feelings, our presumptions and our thinking. Join us as we explore the rich cultural depths that make this familiar story so Uber relevant.

1 July 2017: Part 6: Honest (Norman Hurlow)
We have heard it said that vulnerability leads to healing and wholeness, but the hard thing in all of that is vulnerability requires honesty. Being real about you, not trying to measure up or fake it. I know it’s scary, but is it worth it? Join us as we embrace honesty!

8 July 2017: Part 7: Unfair (Keira Bullock)
“It’s not fair,” is a common, if not overused phrase in our vocabularies on a daily basis. Whether it’s true or not is a little subjective. We don’t often think about grace being unfair. Join us as we explore a kingdom story that weighs unfair and fair differently.

15 July 2017: Part 8: The Good Oil (Stephen Davies)
To miss out on the most anticipated wedding in ten thousand years would be a devastating tragedy.  What must you do to ensure you don’t miss out?  This week we delve into what is perhaps the most important story Jesus ever told.  Why did He tell it? and why is it more relevant today than the night Jesus told it?

22 July 2017: Part 9: The Invitation (Karyn Newson)
The anticipation of a good celebration is part of the event—the planning, putting together “the outfit”, moving the schedule around to make sure there are no conflicts. Then comes the actual event—and it’s either everything you ever anticipated or put simply—anticlimactic. There is a story about a wedding where everyone is invited, and whether we choose to attend or not will determine if it lives up to all we anticipate it to be. Join us this week as we take a look at this uber gospel illustration.