W/HOLE—Part 1—The Search for Meaning
We live in a world where 98% of non-church-goers who live in the Western World, have a materialistic world-view. What’s actually scary is that according to Barna research, 95% of Christians who live in the Western World also have a materialistic world view! ‘W/Hole’ is a challenging series where we expose the greatest roadblock to “following” Christ– consumerism.

W/HOLE–Part 2—Consuming One Another
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I just need…” This thought could be about a “thing” or even a relationship. But we can find ourselves wondering, “why am I not happy?” Could this have something to do with consumerism? Could it be that we have transferred our consumer mentality into relationships also?

W/HOLE–Part 3—Consuming God
Imagine if you won this week’s Powerball of $20 million? What would you do and how would your life change? Would it be any better than it is today? The experience of most winners is that their life becomes considerably worse over the next few years. In Luke 12, Jesus tells us a similar story that we will focus on. Jesus ends with the provoking words, “Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth, but not have a rich relationship with God.” We consider four positive action steps to pursuing a rich relationship with God.

W/HOLE–Part 4—Less is More
Sometimes we can feel as though Sabbath subtracts 1/7th of our time for the week. Consumerism would have us believe that it is time that could be spent working, earning, doing the “list” or even just indulging our pleasures. But think for a minute: What if Sabbath was bonus time? What if it was a remedy to consumerism?

W/HOLE—Part 5—Whole Living
The conclusion of our “W/HOLE Series”. We are looking at God’s answers to consumerism. What does make us Whole?