Springtime is a visual marker for us that the world begins to wake up again. We are always under the reality of God’s love, but there are times in our own lives when we encounter a winter to spring season change. It is these times we experience an awakening and we can never shrink back down into what we were before. The breakthrough, the struggle, the change, the transition—will all be worth it when our eyes are opened to this kind of love reality.

Awakening | Part 1 | Friday, 15 September 2017
We often think about victory as a reward. If we play well we will win. If we work hard enough we will achieve. But is it possible, that victory is not the reward, but the living reality of where we work from not what we work toward?

Awakening | Part 2 | Saturday, 16 September 2017
In a world that is obsessed with status updates and posturing ourselves to look like we are winning—is it possible that we can have complete confidence in anything? Can we wake up to a reality that is not pretend, or contrived confidence that we muster up, but instead, a steady sense of where we stand and how much we are loved? Bring your friends and enjoy community through music, story and real-life experiences that wake us up to the reality of love.