Jesus Manifesto

Jesus Manifesto—9-13 August 2011. Featuring Sam Leonor from La Sierra University.

Jesus: The Christian faith is centered on a person. He is more than a worldview, philosophy, or a doctrine. Christianity’s outrageous claim is that He is a person that can be known, loved, worshipped, and embodied by those who believe in Him. Jesus did and has always invited us to follow Him, not belief systems, organizations or worldviews. Those who have responded have been captivated by His unfathomable wisdom and irresistible love.

Tuesday, August 9 – 7.30pm
Jesus & Identity | Christianity makes many scandalous claims, but there is one that is outrageous!

Wednesday, August 10 – 7.30pm
Jesus & Suffering | We have everything we need to be happy. Really?

Thursday, August 11 -7.30pm
Jesus & the Church | The church is dead. Long live the church!

Friday, August 12 – 7.30pm
Jesus as the ultimate point of reference | Turning our eyes to Jesus makes the world bright (not dim). (Contrary to what the song says!)

Saturday, August 13 -11am
Reimagining the Afterlife | There is way more to eternity than mansion to live in, crowns and streets made of Gold.