10am Worship Service – 21 May 2022

Radical Shift Part 3: But I Say – William Wolfgramm

SERMON BLURB: With the rise of “fake news” and a multitude of podcasts, YouTube channels and churches claiming to have “the Truth”, how can we really know what following Jesus looks like? This week we continue our sermon series Radical Shift and hear what Jesus has to say.

SYNOPSIS: Jesus was misunderstood by so many people. Some thought he was just a prophet or a rabbi. This week we unpack what Jesus means when he says “I did not come to abolish the law or the prophets, but to fulfil them.” By fulfilling the prophets Jesus takes his rightful claim as ‘The Messiah’ and as Messiah, this teaching, The Sermon on the Mount, is of greatest importance for us as Jesus followers. By fulfilling the Law Jesus does away with the shallow, self-righteous view of the law that the Pharisees had. On the mountain he redefines 6 important topics by saying “You have heard… But I say”. The bottom line for this week is: We experience a radical shift when we live out what Jesus says.

Notes for certain questions this Sabbath:

Question 4: The greek word for fulfil is plērôō (play-rah-o) and it has two definitions.

Definition 1: verify (or coincide with a prediction). This is useful for unpacking how Jesus fulfils the prophets. Jesus fulfils more than 324 prophecies.

Definition 2: level up or fill (a hollow or hole). This is useful for unpacking how Jesus fulfils the law. The pharisees had a shallow understanding of the law.